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Weird Visions

Weird Visions

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Grant Cutler is a busy man. We’re not exactly sure how he finds the time, but not one month after his glittering collaboration with Aby Wolf hit shelves, Cutler is debuting a two-song teaser under the name Weird Visions. The brand new release, Weird Visions 1 , is the result of Cutler’s work with local all-star, Zoo Animal. After Cutler lent his production savvy to their widely acclaimed album, Departure, Zoo Animal’s charismatic lead singer has returned the favor, bolstering Cutler’s slick arrangements with her smoky, organic vocals. In many ways, Zoo Animal’s rough-around-the-edge soul is the perfect pairing for Cutler’s precision, as they each throw each other into stark relief: Zoo Animal at her most hypnotic, Cutler at his most intricate. Weird Visions 1 features the tracks, “Make To It” and “Too Hot,” which layer funky basslines, ambient swirls, and just the right amount of shimmer.

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