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Rare Facture

Rare Facture

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Formed in early 2014, by singer/songwriter/producer Tom Cella and songwriter/producer David Burdick, the Salt Lake City, Utah based duo has developed a strong following due to the bands sonic blend of synthpop, trance and futurepop.

With a focus on writing hook driven, melodic dance music, Rare Facture has received acclaim from critics and audiences. The bands first single, Nothing Matters was released in July, 2014 and has received airplay in countries all over the world. The duos first studio album Light in the Dark was released on June 30th, 2015 and received strong airplay in the United States and abroad. The follow up album Suspension of the Conscious Mind is the culmination of two years work for the American electronic band. Rare Facture have quickly made a splash in electronic music circles with a steady train of releases during the span of their career.

The band strongly believes electropop music in the United States is in need of a fresh perspective. With a strong background in EDM and Trance music, David and Tom have set forth on a quest to fuse the pulsating rhythmic basslines that Trance music is known for, with the melodic and emotional nature of synthpop. A full ten tracks of originally composed material is the result, with tones varying from euphoria to broken hearted sorrow.


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